[Trans|Video] A Gentleman’s Dignity Ep 11 Preview

Eun Hee: I have a son, he is in Korea now, he may come to look for all of you.
F44: We???
Maeri: Why is 2 cups??? One of them you want for lawyer Kang?
Yoon: One is not enough, 3 are too much, 2 is good.
MiSook: Do you even know what kind of medicine you are taking?
JungRock: I have to take this medicine seriously so we can have a baby.
MiSook: What???
JungRok: Is this medicine help to make baby right? Then I have to take this medicine like hard
TaeSan: My mom suggested us to meet.
Sera: I don’t want
TaeSan: Why do you hate getting marry that much?
Sera: I don’t want but also it’s complicated for me!
DoJin: You like me right?
YiSoo: I had a feeling for you a little while already, I couldn’t let you know because I was scared you may think I like this or that person!
DoJin: it was an impressive confession.

Translated by misskorea@AGD soompi


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